was developed by the Retail Crime Operation based in Birmingham.

There was a shortfall between intelligence being produced in a form that encompassed the needs of its own operation.

To fulfil this need for retail, business, city or town centre management  scenario and all crime partnerships, the focus is one of readily produced  graphical and hotspot intelligence information.


--ACIS Web--

Secure online incident reporting at a low cost is now available to run alongside the highly successful Active Crime Intelligence System (ACIS). This system offers a high level of security and saves co-ordinators many hours of inputting time. It facilitates the easy circulation of offender pictures, bulletins etc and can be used by an unlimited amount of users (controlled by the co-ordinator).

Web will import data directly into the ACIS Database once the co-ordinator has passed it as suitable. Incidents can be input from any PC, PDA or Smart Phone once the user has been authorised and registered by the co-ordinator.

This system is ideal for large national companies that can feed data from each store to their Head Office directly into the ACIS Database System for analysis, predictions to the future, reports, graphs, circulations etc – all at a low cost.

If you would like a free trial with no obligation, please contact Chris James on 01676-530054 or email christopher_james@btinternet.com


ACIS User Awarded  OBE

Julie E. Davies OBE, Co-ordinator for  Stoke on Trent Business Crime Initiative was awarded
an OBE in the New Years Honours List, for Services to the Police. The Citation is focused around efforts locally, regionally and nationally over the last 23 years in engaging the business community to reduce business crime.

Information stored within the provision of the Data Protection Act subjected to regular automatic reviews. A live interactive database that allows multi windowed linked  data to be displayed. A User friendly tool for the collation of data subjects and the incidents or intelligence linked to them. Producing photograph albums and reports for distribution.

For example, with the increased issue of ASBO a place to process the incidents and intelligence, concentrated into printed or exchangeable encrypted email reports.

A database with an engine that worked not only from the inside out but from side to side. That may not be easy to visualise but from a sea of information comes a single wave. That single wave transformed into a single easily understandable report or circulation.

If there was ever a time to get on board - it is now, retail crime is unique, it is fought by many every second premises are open and sometimes closed.

To help with that battle and to prepare -
ACIS is now available.


   ACIS V3 Benefits       




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ACIS Software that we are prepared to let you try it for one month without obligation.

If you don't like it after this time, it can be deleted from your computer. It will have cost you nothing.

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